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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2002

Résultats 1 - 10 sur un total de 11

Conférence invitée

Briand Carine. Strong Magnetic field: from theory to observations. In 2nd Franco-Chinese meeting on Solar physics. 2002.

Bézard Bruno, Goukenleuque Cédric, Guillot Tristan. Modèles d'équilibre radiatif de planètes géantes extrasolaires. In , 24-29 June 2002, Paris, France. 2002.

Issautier Karine, Meyer Nicole, Moncuquet Michel. Quasi-thermal noise spectroscopy : diagnostics in space media. In XXIIth General Assembly of URSI, , Maastricht. 2002.

Klein Karl-Ludwig. Solar Sources of Energetic Particles in the Interplanetary Medium. In Second franco-chinese meeting on solar physics, , Meudon, France. 2002.

Vilmer Nicole. HESSI coordinated data campaigns. In Royal Astronomical Society 2002,, Mars 2002, Londres. 2002.

Vilmer Nicole, RHESSI Team . Hard X-ray/gamma-ray imaging spectroscopy of solar flares with RHESSI. In , Juin 2002, Paris, France. 2002.

Vilmer Nicole, RHESSI Team . Characteristics of high energy particles deduced from HXR/GR imaging spectroscopy with RHESSI and combined observations. In Second franco-chinese meeting on solar physics, , Meudon, France. 2002.

Zarka Philippe. Extrasolar planets, Planetary lightning, & Ionospheric propagation. In International workshop, 21-24 January 2002, Leiden, The Netherlands. 2002.

Zarka Philippe. Remote sensing of the structure and dynamics of Jupiter's Magnetospheres. In Euroconference, 17-21 June 2002, Lisbon, Portugal. 2002.

Zarka Philippe. Planetary Radio Emissions. In 11th International Congress on Plasma Physics - Session, 15-19 Juillet 2002, Sydney, Australie. 2002.