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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2003

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Lacombe Catherine, Mangeney André, Maksimovic Milan, Trávnícek Pavel M., Hellinger Petr, Cornilleau-Wehrlin Nicole, Bosqued J.-M., Balogh A. Intensity of the magnetic fluctuations in the magnetosheath: dependence on the flow geometry. In STAMMS Conference, 12-16 mai 2003, . 2003.

Steinberg Jean-Louis, Lacombe Catherine, Zarka Philippe, Hoang Sang, Perche Claude. Terrestrial Low Frequency bursts: escape paths of radio waves through the bow shock. In EGS General Assembly, 6-11 avril 2003, Nice, France. 2003.

Weiss Werner W., Aerts Conny, Alecian Georges, Antonello E., Charpinet Stéphane, Gamarova A., Handler Gerald, Hatzes Artie P., Lammer Helmut, Lebzelter T., Marconi M., Maceroni Christian, Pacheco E., Poretti Ennio, Roques Françoise, Vauclair Gérard, Zwintz Konstanze. Additional Science adresse with Corot « Stellar Structures and Habitable Planets Finding. In . 2003, ESA SP538.

Zouganelis Ioannis, Meyer Nicole, Maksimovic Milan, Issautier Karine. How do plasma winds blow? Some basic constraints on wind acceleration. In ITCPP, 09/2003, . 2003.