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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2003

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Communication sans actes

Alexandrova Olga. Alfven wave instabilities: Cluster observations and hybrid simulations. In Summer school " Basic Processes of Turbulent plasmas ", 23-28 sept. 2003, Chalkidiki, Greece. 2003.

Crovisier Jacques. The molecular complexity of comets. In , 1-3 April 2003, Bern, Switzerland. 2003.

Crovisier Jacques, Bockelée-Morvan Dominique, Drossart Pierre, Sémery Alain, Encrenaz Thérèse, Coradini Angioletta, Capaccioni Fabrizio. Prospects for molecular observations with VIRTIS-H on Rosetta. In The New Rosetta Targets, 13-15 October 2003, Capri, Italy. 2003.

Despois Didier, Ricaud Philippe, Schneider N., Urban J., Lautie Nicolas, Selsis Franck, Biver Nicolas, Crovisier Jacques, Chamberlin Richard A., Phillips Thomas G., Motte F., Pardo Juan R., Jenniskens Peter. Radiospectroscopical search for molecule delivery and induced chemistry in the Earth atmosphere during the Leonids meteor shower. In , Bordeaux, France, 16-30 juin 2003. 2003.

Gulkis Samuel, Allen Mark, Beaudin Gérard, Biver Nicolas, Bockelée-Morvan Dominique, Crovisier Jacques, Despois Didier, Encrenaz Pierre J., Encrenaz Thérèse, Frerking Margaret A., Hartogh Paul, Hofstadter Mark D., Ip W., Janssen Michael A., Lellouch Emmanuel, Mann Ingrid, Muhleman Duane, Rauer Heike, Schloerb Frederick P., Spilker Thomas R. Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter (MIRO). In The New Rosetta Targets, 13-15 October 2003, Capri, Italy. 2003.

Hospodarsky George B., Kurth William S., Gurnett Donald A., Kaiser Michael L., Zarka Philippe. Simultaneous observations of Jovian Quasi-Periodic radio emissions by the Cassini and Galileo spacecraft. In AGU Fall meeting, December 2003, San Francisco. 2003, abstract #SM12B-07.

Hurford Gordon J., Schwartz R. A., Krucker Sam, Lin R. P., Smith D. M., Vilmer Nicole. First Gamma-Ray Images of a Solar Flare: 2002 July 23. In American Astronomical Society, SPD meeting #34, Juin 2003. 2003.

Issautier Karine. Profil de température électronique mesuré dans le vent. In Atelier, 21-24/01/2003, Saint Malo, France. 2003.

Issautier Karine. Modèle exosphérique généralisé au champ magnétique spiral. In Atelier, 21-24/01/2003, Saint Malo, France. 2003.

Klotz Alain, Walters A., Caux Emmanuel, Crovisier Jacques. Simple highly-modular, multi-platform computer tools for the simulation and analysis of high-resolution radio-astronomical spectra. In 18th Colloquium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy, 8-12 September 2003, Dijon, France. 2003.