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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2009

Résultats 1 - 10 sur un total de 15

Conférence invitée

Alexandrova Olga. Turbulence behind collisionless shocks and Alfven vortices. In Workshop on Wave Turbulence, , Institut Henri Poincare, Paris, France. 2009.

Aulanier Guillaume. Vector magnetic field measurements, extrapolation and topology. In SOLAIRE 2nd network-wide meeting, Janvier 2009, Catane (Italie). 2009.

Briand Carine. Langmuir waves: a tool to diagnose space plasma. In European Geophysical Union, , Vienna - Austria. 2009.

Issautier Karine. Plasma radio diagnostics on Ulysses. In Ulysses Farewell Event, 25 mars 2009, Noordwijk ( Pays−Bas ). 2009.

Klein Karl-Ludwig. Radio diagnostics and the origin and propagation of solar energetic particles. In , 19-24 Avril 2009, Vienne. 2009.

Lamy Laurent, Zarka Philippe. Overview of Radio emissions of Outer planets. In Outer planet magnetospheres: Influences, Interactions, and Dynamics, 09/01/09, Londres. Conference of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2009.

Lamy Laurent. Recent results on Saturn Kilometric Radiation's physical characteristics, based on Cassini's observations. In European Planetary Science Congress, 18/09/09, Potsdam. European Planetary Science Congress Abstracts, 2009, EPSC2009-724, vol. 4.

Leroy A. Facteur de Landé des molécules diatomiques. In , 18/05/2009, Meudon (F). 2009.

Meyer Nicole. Solar wind acceleration in exospheric models: electric field and heat flux. In Mini symposium solar wind, 18-19/06/2009, Solar-terrestrial center of Excellence, Bruxelles. 2009.

Pariat Etienne, Aulanier Guillaume, Masson Sophie, Török Tibor, Schmieder Brigitte, Démoulin Pascal. Dynamical evolution of topological structures. In 3rd SOLAIRE Network Meeting, Novembre 2009, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Espagne. 2009.