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Shestopalov D. I., Golubeva L. F., McFadden Lucy-Ann A., Fornasier Sonia, Taran M. N.

Titanium-bearing pyroxenes of some E asteroids: Coexisting of igneous and hydrated rocks

Planetary and Space Science, 2010, vol. 58, pp. 1400-1403

Référence DOI : 10.1016/j.pss.2010.06.012
Référence ADS : 2010P&SS...58.1400S

Résumé :

In this paper, we present arguments for the presence of optically active Ti <SUP>3+</SUP> in the structure of low iron pyroxenes to explain the strong 0.49-mum absorption band in spectra of E[II] asteroids. Such an interpretation supports the idea that E asteroid material is formed at high temperature in a strongly reducing medium. We also discuss the possibility of high temperature and hydrated rocks coexisting on some E asteroids. Our discussion is based on the idea of collisional evolution of aubrite parent bodies that was presented by Keil (1989).

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