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Catalogue POP – Notice individuelle de publication

Erard Stéphane, Le Sidaner Pierre, Berthier Jerôme, Cecconi Baptiste, Henry Florence, Lamy Laurent, Chauvin C., Savalle Renaud, Jacquey Christian, André Nicolas, Schmitt Bernard

A Planetary Science VO prototype

European Planetary Science Congress 2013, 2013, vol. 8

Référence ADS : 2013EPSC....8..598E

Résumé :

The goal of the JRA4 Work Package of Europlanet-RI was to set the basis for a European Virtual Observatory in Planetary Science. The objective in this first step was to save time during searches in big archives and small databases, as well as to facilitate data access and visualization. The system is based on a new access protocol based on TAP, a specific client to query the available services, and intensive recycling of tools developed for the Astronomy VO. Some new databases were also produced in the EuroPlaNet-RI framework and are available in this context. This system should be extensible to all fields of Planetary Science, and open to external data providers.

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