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Kudryashova Maria, Tanga Paolo, Mignard François, Carry Benoît, Christophe Ordenovic, David Pedro, Hestroffer Daniel

Solar system object observations with Gaia Mission

In AAS/Division of Dynamical Astronomy Meeting, May 1, 20162016, vol. 47

Référence ADS : 2016DDA....4720102K

Résumé :

After a commissioning period, the astrometric mission Gaia of the European Space Agency (ESA) started its survey in July 2014. Throughout passed two years the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) has been treating the data. The current schedule anticipates the first Gaia Data Release (Gaia-DR1) toward the end of summer 2016. Nevertheless, it is not planned to include Solar System Objects (SSO) into the first release. This is due to a special treatment required by solar system objects, as well as by other peculiar sources (multiple and extended ones). In this presentation, we address issues and recent achivements in SSO processing, in particular validation of SSO-short term data processing chain, GAIA-SSO alerts, as well as the first runs of SSO-long term pipeline.

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