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Thuillot William, Berthier Jerôme, Sarkissian Armand, Mickaelian Areg M., Sargsyan Lena A., Iglesias Jesus, Lainey Valéry, Birlan Mirel, Simon Guy

Massive physical and dynamical characterization of asteroids

Highlights of Astronomy, 2007, vol. 14, pp. 616-616

Référence DOI : 10.1017/S1743921307012148
Référence ADS : 2007HiA....14..616T

Résumé :

Numerous new Solar System objects, mainly asteroids, are still detected nowadays but their physical and dynamical characteristics remain not accurately determined, until dedicated observations and analysis are made. However, the Virtual Observatory is a perfect framework to search for this characterization by data mining. We are developing two studies for this goal by exploring the DENIS infrared and DFBS spectroscopic surveys. In order to scan the survey catalogues and to search for Solar System objects, we have developed a VO compliant workflow founded on the use of a recent VO tool labelled SkyBoT (Sky Bodies Tracker) (Berthier et al. 2005) and on the VizieR service provided by CDS. A public version of SkyBoT is implemented in the sky atlas Aladin since January 2006. It allows us to quickly get the precise coordinates of the asteroids, planets and natural satellites in any star field, provided we know its center, its size and the precise date of the exposure (between 1949 and 2009). Our data mining workflow performs cone search queries on SkyBoT and VizieR to extract all the known astronomical objects observed by the survey. Then the sources which are detected in the survey are correlated with the known objects to determine the matched and unmatched objects.

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