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Biver Nicolas

Measurements of isotopic ratios in solar system bodies

In Fractionation of isotopes in space: from the solar system to galaxies, 10-13 oct. 2016, Arcetri, Florence, Italy......., 2016

Résumé :

Isotopic ratios in small solar system bodies provide keys for the understanding of the physical and chemical conditions in the early Solar Nebula. We will review here measuremnts on the D/H, 14N/15N, 16O/18O, 12C/13C and 32S/34S ratios in cometary comae, titan and planetary atmospheres, and some samples of cometary grains and meteorites. Remote techniques such as high resolution visible to infrared spectroscpy with 8-m class telescopes to radio spectroscopy (Odin, Herschel, IRAM, ALMA) are powerful tools that have enabled many measurements over the past years.

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