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Caffau Elisabetta, Malherbe Jean-Marie, Steffen Matthias, Ludwig Hans-Günter, Mott A.

Investigation of the solar centre-to-limb variation of oxygen and lithium spectral features

, 2017, vol. 88, pp. 45

Référence ADS : 2017MmSAI..88...45C

Résumé :

We compare intensity spectra of the Sun observed at different limb angles in the wavelength range covering the forbidden oxygen lines and the lithium resonance feature with line formation computations performed on a CO5BOLD 3D hydrodynamical simulation of the solar atmosphere. Among the prime oxygen abundance indicators, the forbidden line at 630 nm is contaminated with a significant Ni I blend. The availability of observations at different positions on the solar disc allows us to disentangle the contributions of oxygen and nickel and to derive their individual abundances. We derived in the past, from the [OI] line, A(O)=8.73± 0.05 with a nickel abundance of A(Ni)=6.1± 0.04. From the observations here presented, we obtain A(O)=8.71 and A(Ni)=6.09, in excellent agreement with the previous result. For lithium, we investigated the Li doublet at 670.7 nm and compared synthetic spectra of the Li spectra range based on different line-lists available in the literature to the observed data. With these observations, we are still unable to conclude on which is the best line-list to be used for the blending lines.

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