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Chauvin Gaël, Desidera Silvano, Lagrange Anne-Marie, Vigan Arthur, Gratton R. G., Langlois Maud, Bonnefoy Mickaël, Beuzit Jean-Luc, Feldt M., Mouillet David, Meyer Michael R., Cheetham Anthony C., Biller Beth, Boccaletti Anthony, D'Orazi V., Galicher Raphaël, Hagelberg J., Maire Anne-Lise, Mesa Dino, Olofsson Johan, Samland M., Schmidt T. O. B., Sissa E., Bonavita Mariangela, Charnay Benjamin, Cudel M., Daemgen S., Delorme P., Janin-Potiron P., Janson Markus, Keppler M., Le Coroller Hervé, Ligi R., Marleau G.-D., Messina Sergio, Mollière P., Mordasini Christoph, Müller A., Peretti S., Perrot Clément, Rodet L., Rouan Daniel, Zurlo Alice, Dominik Carsten, Henning Thomas, Ménard F., Schmid Hans-Martin, Turatto Massimo, Udry Stéphane, Vakili Farrokh, Abe Lyu, Antichi Jacopo, Baruffolo Andrea, Baudoz Pierre, Baudrand Jacques, Blanchard P., Bazzon Andreas, Buey Jean-Tristan, Carbillet Marcel, Carle Michael, Charton J., Cascone E., Claudi Riccardo U., Costille Anne, Deboulbé A., De Caprio Vincenzo, Dohlen Kjetil, Fantinel D., Feautrier P., Fusco Thierry, Gigan Pierre, Giro Enrico, Gisler Daniel, Gluck Laurence, Hubin Norbert N., Hugot Emmanuel, Jaquet M., Kasper Markus E., Madec Fabrice, Magnard Yves, Martinez Patrice, Maurel D., Le Mignant David, Möller-Nilsson Ole, Llored Marc, Moulin Thibaut, Origné A., Pavlov Alexey, Perret Denis, Petit Cyril, Pragt Johan H., Puget Pascal, Rabou Patrick, Ramos José Ricardo, Rigal R., Rochat Sylvain, Roelfsema R., Rousset Gérard, Roux A., Salasnich Bernardo, Sauvage Jean-François, Sevin Arnaud, Soenke Christian, Stadler Eric, Suarez Marcos, Weber L., Wildi François, Antoniucci S., Augereau Jean-Charles, Baudino Jean-Loup, Brandner W., Engler Natalia, Girard J. H. V., Gry Cecile, Kral Quentin, Kopytova T. G., Lagadec E., Milli Julien, Moutou Claire, Schlieder J., Szulágyi J., Thalmann Christian, Wahhaj Zahed

Discovery of a warm, dusty giant planet around HIP 65426

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2017, vol. 605

Référence ADS : 2017A&A...605L...9C

Résumé :

<BR /> Aims: The SHINE program is a high-contrast near-infrared survey of 600 young, nearby stars aimed at searching for and characterizing new planetary systems using VLT/SPHERE's unprecedented high-contrast and high-angular-resolution imaging capabilities. It is also intended to place statistical constraints on the rate, mass and orbital distributions of the giant planet population at large orbits as a function of the stellar host mass and age to test planet-formation theories. <BR /> Methods: We used the IRDIS dual-band imager and the IFS integral field spectrograph of SPHERE to acquire high-contrast coronagraphic differential near-infrared images and spectra of the young A2 star HIP 65426. It is a member of the 17 Myr old Lower Centaurus-Crux association. <BR /> Results: At a separation of 830 mas (92 au projected) from the star, we detect a faint red companion. Multi-epoch observations confirm that it shares common proper motion with HIP 65426. Spectro-photometric measurements extracted with IFS and IRDIS between 0.95 and 2.2 mum indicate a warm, dusty atmosphere characteristic of young low-surface-gravity L5-L7 dwarfs. Hot-start evolutionary models predict a luminosity consistent with a 6-12 M<SUB>Jup</SUB>, T<SUB>eff</SUB> = 1300-1600 K and R = 1.5 ± 0.1 R<SUB>Jup</SUB> giant planet. Finally, the comparison with Exo-REM and PHOENIX BT-Settl synthetic atmosphere models gives consistent effective temperatures but with slightly higher surface gravity solutions of log (g) = 4.0-5.0 with smaller radii (1.0-1.3 R<SUB>Jup</SUB>). <BR /> Conclusions: Given its physical and spectral properties, HIP 65426 b occupies a rather unique placement in terms of age, mass, and spectral-type among the currently known imaged planets. It represents a particularly interesting case to study the presence of clouds as a function of particle size, composition, and location in the atmosphere, to search for signatures of non-equilibrium chemistry, and finally to test the theory of planet formation and evolution.

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