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Buysschaert Bram, Neiner Coralie, Aerts Conny

Magneto-asteroseismology of massive magnetic pulsators

In The Lives and Death-Throes of Massive Stars, November 1, 20172017, vol. 329, pp. 146-150

Référence DOI : 10.1017/S1743921317002459
Référence ADS : 2017IAUS..329..146B

Résumé :

Simultaneously and coherently studying the large-scale magnetic field and the stellar pulsations of a massive star provides strong complementary diagnostics suitable for detailed stellar modelling. This hybrid method is called magneto-asteroseismology and permits the determination of the internal structure and conditions within magnetic massive pulsators, for example the effect of magnetism on non-standard mixing processes. Here, we overview this technique, its requirements, and list the currently known suitable stars to apply the method.

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