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Grould Marion, Meliani Zakaria, Vincent F. H., Grandclément Philippe, Gourgoulhon Éric

Comparing timelike geodesics around a Kerr black hole and a boson star

Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2017, vol. 34

Référence DOI : 10.1088/1361-6382/aa8d39
Référence ADS : 2017CQGra..34u5007G

Résumé :

The second-generation beam combiner at the very large telescope (VLT), GRAVITY, observes the stars orbiting the compact object located at the center of our galaxy, with an unprecedented astrometric accuracy of 10 muas. The nature of this compact source is still unknown since black holes are not the only candidates explaining the four million solar masses at the Galactic center. Boson stars are such an alternative model to black holes. This paper focuses on the study of trajectories of stars orbiting a boson star and a Kerr black hole. We put in light strong differences between orbits obtained in both metrics when considering stars with sufficiently close pericenters to the compact object, typically ≲ 30M. Discovery of closer stars to the Galactic center than the S2 star by the GRAVITY instrument would thus be a powerful tool to possibly constrain the nature of the central source.

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