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Fedeli L., Sgattoni A., Cantono G., Macchi A.

Relativistic surface plasmon enhanced harmonic generation from gratings

Applied Physics Letters, 2017, vol. 110

Référence DOI : 10.1063/1.4975365
Référence ADS : 2017ApPhL.110e1103F

Résumé :

The role of relativistic surface plasmons (SPs) in high order harmonic emission from laser-irradiated grating targets has been investigated by means of particle-in-cell simulations. SP excitation drives a strong enhancement of the intensity of harmonics, particularly in the direction close to the surface tangent. The SP-driven enhancement overlaps with the angular separation of harmonics generated by the grating, which is beneficial for applications requiring monochromatic extreme ultraviolet (XUV) pulses.

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