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Masson Sophie, Klein Karl-Ludwig, Bütikofer R., Flückiger Erwin O., Kurt V., Yushkov B. Y., Krucker Sam

Acceleration of Relativistic Protons During the 20 January 2005 Flare and CME

Solar Physics, 2009, vol. 257, pp. 305-322

Référence DOI : 10.1007/s11207-009-9377-y
Référence ADS : 2009SoPh..257..305M

Résumé :

The origin of relativistic solar protons during large flare/CME events has not been uniquely identified so far. We perform a detailed comparative analysis of the time profiles of relativistic protons detected by the worldwide network of neutron monitors at Earth with electromagnetic signatures of particle acceleration in the solar corona during the large particle event of 20 January 2005. The intensity - time profile of the relativistic protons derived from the neutron monitor data indicates two successive peaks. We show that microwave, hard X-ray, and gamma-ray emissions display several episodes of particle acceleration within the impulsive flare phase. The first relativistic protons detected at Earth are accelerated together with relativistic electrons and with protons that produce pion-decay gamma rays during the second episode. The second peak in the relativistic proton profile at Earth is accompanied by new signatures of particle acceleration in the corona within &ap;1 R <SUB>&sun;</SUB> above the photosphere, revealed by hard X-ray and microwave emissions of low intensity and by the renewed radio emission of electron beams and of a coronal shock wave. We discuss the observations in terms of different scenarios of particle acceleration in the corona.

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