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Buysschaert Bram, Neiner Coralie, Martin A. J., Oksala Mary E., Aerts Conny

Detecting magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars observed with the K2 space mission

Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso, 2018, vol. 48, pp. 82-86

Référence ADS : 2018CoSka..48...82B

Résumé :

To study the effect large-scale magnetic fields have on the interior of hot stars, we compiled a list of chemically peculiar Ap/Bp stars that were observed with K2 with the future goal of investigating their seismic properties employing space-based photometry. A sub-sample was observed with high-resolution spectropolarimetry to detect the anticipated large-scale magnetic field usually hosted by Ap/Bp stars. We confirm the presence of such a field for 75 % of the stars in the sample. Thus, not all stars in the sample host the expected large-scale magnetic field.

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