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Meisenheimer K., Tristram Konrad R. W., Jaffe Walter J., Israel Frank P., Neumayer N., Raban D., Röttgering H. J. A., Cotton William D., Graser U., Henning Thomas, Leinert Ch., Lopez Bruno, Perrin Guy, Prieto A.

Resolving the innermost parsec of Centaurus A at mid-infrared wavelengths

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2007, vol. 471, pp. 453-465

Référence ADS : 2007A&A...471..453M

Résumé :

Context: To reveal the origin of mid-infrared radiation from the core of Centaurus A, we carried out interferometric observations with the MID-infrared Interferometer (MIDI) at ESO's VLTI telescope array. <BR />Aims: Observations were obtained with four baselines between unit telescopes of the VLTI, two of them roughly along the radio axis and two orthogonal to it. The interferometric measurements are spectrally resolved with lambda/Delta lambda = 30 in the wavelength range 8 to 13 mum. Their resolution reaches 15 mas at the shortest wavelengths. Supplementary observations were obtained in the near-infrared with the adaptive optics instrument NACO, and at mm wavelengths with SEST and JCMT. <BR />Methods: The mid-infrared emission from the core of Centaurus A is dominated by an unresolved point source (

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