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Mosser Benoît, Aristidi Eric

Duty Cycle of Doppler Ground-based Asteroseismic Observations

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2007, vol. 119, pp. 127-133

Référence ADS : 2007PASP..119..127M

Résumé :

We report the observations of the clear-sky fraction at the Concordia station during winter 2006 and derive from it the duty cycle for the astronomical observations. The duty cycle and observation duration at Dome C allow for efficient asteroseismic observations. This performance is analyzed and compared to network observations. For network observations, simulations were run using the helioseismic Global Oscillation Network Group as a reference. Observations with one site in Antarctica provide performance similar to or better than that with a six-site network, since the duty cycle limited by meteorology is as high as 92%. On bright targets, a 100 day long time series with a duty cycle of about 87% can be observed, which is not possible for a network observation.

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