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Burgdorf M. J., Orton Glenn S., Encrenaz Thérèse, Davis Gary R., Lellouch Emmanuel, Sidher Sunil D., Swinyard Bruce

Far-infrared spectroscopy of the giant planets: measurements of ammonia and phosphine at Jupiter and Saturn and the continuum of Neptune

Advances in Space Research, 2004, vol. 34, pp. 2247-2250

Référence DOI : 10.1016/j.asr.2004.04.004
Référence ADS : 2004AdSpR..34.2247B

Résumé :

We detected rotational transition features of ammonia and phosphine in the far-infrared spectra of Jupiter and Saturn and measured the far-infrared continuum of Neptune with high photometric accuracy. These observations were made with the long-wavelength spectrometer (LWS) aboard the infrared space observatory (ISO). The LWS covered the wavelength region between 43 and 197 mum (51-233 cm <SUP>-1</SUP>) with both medium and high spectral resolving power. Also Neptune's continuum was measured with the LWS and at shorter wavelengths with the ISO short-wavelength spectrometer (SWS). The spectra observed in the far-infrared are compared to synthetic spectra calculated from atmospheric radiative transfer models using expected values for the constituent vertical concentration profiles.

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