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Li Z.-P., Michel Eric, Fox Machado L., Alvarez M., Chevreton Michel, Hernández M. M., Zhou A.-Y., Barban Caroline, Dolez N., Belmonte J. A., Fernandez Andrée, Fremy Jean-René, Pau Sylvain, Servan B., Pérez Hernéndez F., Jiang S. Y., Liu Z. L., Ringot O., Suárez Juan Carlos, Xu Y.

9+ frequencies for V534 Tauri, a delta Scuti variable in the Pleiades. Results of the STEPHI IX campaign

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2004, vol. 420, pp. 283-287

Référence ADS : 2004A&A...420..283L

Résumé :

New observations of V534 Tau were performed during the STEPHI IX campaign in November 1998. An overall run of 285 h of data has been collected from three sites over a period of 23 days. Period analysis reveals a rich oscillation spectrum with nine frequencies above the 99% confidence level. This oscillation spectrum spans a large range of frequencies, from 179 to 525 muHz (15.52 to 45.36 cycles per day). A preliminary comparison with models suggests that the observed modes would lie in the range of modes from g<SUB>1</SUB> or g<SUB>2</SUB> to p<SUB>4</SUB> or p<SUB>5</SUB>, depending on the rotation rate considered for V534 Tau.

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