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Lagrange Anne-Marie, Chauvin Gaël, Rouan Daniel, Gendron Éric, Beuzit Jean-Luc, Lacombe François, Rousset Gérard, Dougados Catherine, Fusco Thierry, Mouillet David, Conan Jean-Marc, Stadler Eric, Deleglise J., Perrier C.

The environment of the very red object Orion n. A possible low mass companion?

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2004, vol. 417, pp. L11-L14

Référence DOI : 10.1051/0004-6361:20040028
Référence ADS : 2004A&A...417L..11L

Résumé :

We have imaged at high angular resolution the close environement of the very red source Orion n with NACO at the VLT UT4. We report the detection of a faint point like object 0.6'' away from this source. Assuming a distance of 450<SUB>-50</SUB><SUP>+50</SUP> pc and an age of 1 Myr, the photometry of this candidate companion is consistent with an object of mass 70-150 M<SUB>J</SUB> assuming a visible extinction of A<SUB>V</SUB> = 3-17. The relationship between this object and Orion n is discussed hereafter.

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