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Lacombe François, Gendron Éric, Rouan Daniel, Clénet Yann, Field D., Lemaire Jean-Louis, Gustafsson Maiken, Lagrange Anne-Marie, Mouillet David, Rousset Gérard, Fusco Thierry, Rousset-Rouvière Laurent, Servan B., Marlot Claude, Feautrier P.

VLT/NACO infrared adaptive optics images of small scale structures in OMC1

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2004, vol. 417, pp. L5-L9

Référence ADS : 2004A&A...417L...5L

Résumé :

Near-infrared observations of line emission from excited H_2 and in the continuum are reported in the direction of the Orion molecular cloud OMC1, using the European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope UT4, equipped with the NAOS adaptive optics system on the CONICA infrared array camera. Spatial resolution has been achieved at close to the diffraction limit of the telescope (0.08'' -0.12'') and images show a wealth of morphological detail. Structure is not fractal but shows two preferred scale sizes of 2.'' (1100 AU) and 1.2'' (540 AU), where the larger scale may be associated with star formation.

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