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Boccaletti Anthony, Schneider Jean, Traub Wesley A., Lagage Pierre-Olivier, Stam Daphne, Gratton R. G., Trauger John T., Cahoy Kerri, Snik Frans, Baudoz Pierre, Galicher Raphaël, Reess Jean-Michel, Mawet Dimitri, Augereau Jean-Charles, Patience Jennifer, Kuchner Marc, Wyatt Mark C., Pantin Eric, Maire Anne-Lise, Vérinaud Christophe, Ronayette Samuel, Dubreuil Didier, Min Michiel, Rodenhuis Michiel, Mesa Dino, Belikov Ruslan, Guyon Olivier, Tamura Motohide, Murakami Naoshi, Beerer Ingrid Mary

SPICES: spectro-polarimetric imaging and characterization of exoplanetary systems. From planetary disks to nearby Super Earths

Experimental Astronomy, 2012, vol. 34, pp. 355-384

Référence DOI : 10.1007/s10686-012-9290-5
Référence ADS : 2012ExA....34..355B

Résumé :

SPICES (Spectro-Polarimetric Imaging and Characterization of Exoplanetary Systems) is a five-year M-class mission proposed to ESA Cosmic Vision. Its purpose is to image and characterize long-period extrasolar planets and circumstellar disks in the visible (450-900 nm) at a spectral resolution of about 40 using both spectroscopy and polarimetry. By 2020/2022, present and near-term instruments will have found several tens of planets that SPICES will be able to observe and study in detail. Equipped with a 1.5 m telescope, SPICES can preferentially access exoplanets located at several AUs (0.5-10 AU) from nearby stars (

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