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Semaan Thierry, Martayan Christophe, Frémat Yves, Hubert Anne-Marie, Gutiérrez Juan, Neiner Coralie, Zorec Juan

Spectral and photometric study of Be Stars in the first exoplanet fields of CoRoT

In IAU Symposium, July 1, 20112011, vol. 272, pp. 547-548

Référence DOI : 10.1017/S1743921311011409
Référence ADS : 2011IAUS..272..547S

Résumé :

First we investigate the spectral and photometric properties (colours, magnitudes) of a sample of faint Be stars observed in the first exoplanet fields of CoRoT (IR1, LRA1 and LRC1). We determine the fundamental parameters by fitting ESO-FLAMES/GIRAFFE spectra with synthetic models taking account for non-LTE effects. After that we correct these parameters from fast rotation effects. We also study the location of each star in the (logL vs logT) HR diagram. Second we start to analyse the CoRoT light curves to investigate further the possible correlation between the pulsating properties and the fundamental parameters of the stars.

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