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Alvarado-Gómez J. D., Hussain Gaitee, Grunhut Jason, Farès R., Donati Jean-François, Alecian Evelyne, Kochukhov Oleg, Oksala Mary E., Morin J., Redfield Seth, Cohen O., Drake J. J., Jardine M. M., Matt S., Petit Pascal, Walter Frederick M.

Activity and magnetic field structure of the Sun-like planet-hosting star HD 1237

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2015, vol. 582

Référence DOI : 10.1051/0004-6361/201525771
Référence ADS : 2015A&A...582A..38A

Résumé :

We analyse the magnetic activity characteristics of the planet-hosting Sun-like star, HD 1237, using HARPS spectro-polarimetric time-series data. We find evidence of rotational modulation of the magnetic longitudinal field measurements that is consistent with our ZDI analysis with a period of 7 days. We investigate the effect of customising the LSD mask to the line depths of the observed spectrum and find that it has a minimal effect on the shape of the extracted Stokes V profile but does result in a small increase in the S/N (~7%). We find that using a Milne-Eddington solution to describe the local line profile provides a better fit to the LSD profiles in this slowly rotating star, which also affects the recovered ZDI field distribution. We also introduce a fit-stopping criterion based on the information content (entropy) of the ZDI map solution set. The recovered magnetic field maps show a strong ( 90 G) ring-like azimuthal field distribution and a complex radial field dominating at mid latitudes (~45 degrees). Similar magnetic field maps are recovered from data acquired five months apart. Future work will investigate how this surface magnetic field distribution affeccts the coronal magnetic field and extended environment around this planet-hosting star.

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