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Oklay Nilda, Vincent Jean-Baptiste, Sierks Holger, Besse Sébastien, Pajola Maurizio, Bertini Ivano, Rickman Hans, La Forgia Fiorangela, Barucci Maria Antonella, Fornasier Sonia, Barbieri Cesare, Koschny Detlef, Lamy Philippe, Rodrigo Rafael, Agarwal Jessica, A'Hearn M. F., Bertaux Jean-Loup, Cremonese Gabriele, Da Deppo Vania, Davidsson Björn, Debei Stefano, De Cecco M., Fulle Marco, Groussin Olivier, Gutierrez Pedro J., Güttler Carsten, Hviid Stubbe F., Ip W., Jorda Laurent, Keller Horst Uwe, Knollenberg Jörg, Kramm Rainer, Kührt Ekkehard, Küppers Michael, Lara Luisa M., Lazzarin Monica, López-Moreno José J., Marzari Francesco, Michalik Harald, Naletto Giampiero, Thomas Nicholas, Tubiana Cecilia

Characterization of OSIRIS NAC filters for the interpretation of multispectral data of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2015, vol. 583

Référence ADS : 2015A&A...583A..45O

Résumé :

Context. We interpret multicolor data from OSIRISNAC for the remote-sensing exploration of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. <BR /> Aims: We determine the most meaningful definition of color maps for the characterization of surface variegation with filters available on OSIRIS NAC. <BR /> Methods: We analyzed laboratory spectra of selected minerals and olivine-pyroxene mixtures seen through OSIRIS NAC filters, with spectral methods existing in the literature: reflectance ratios, minimum band wavelength, spectral slopes, band tilt, band curvature, and visible tilt. <BR /> Results: We emphasize the importance of reflectance ratios and particularly the relation of visible tilt vs. band tilt. This technique provides a reliable diagnostic of the presence of silicates. Color maps constructed by red-green-blue colors defined with the green, orange, red, IR, and Fe<SUB>2</SUB>O<SUB>3</SUB> filters let us define regions that may significantly differ in composition.

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