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Erikson Anders, Santerne A., Renner Stefan, Barge Pierre, Aigrain Suzanne, Alapini A., Almenara J. M., Alonso Roi, Auvergne Michel, Baglin Annie, Benz Willy, Bonomo Aldo Stefano, Bordé P., Bouchy François, Bruntt H., Cabrera Juan, Carone Ludmila, Carpano Stefania, Csizmadia Szilard, Deleuil Magali, Deeg Hans J., Díaz R. F., Dvorak Rudolf, Ferraz-Mello Sylvio, Fridlund Malcolm C., Gandolfi Davide, Gazzano J. C., Gillon Michel, Guenther Eike, Guillot Tristan, Hatzes Artie P., Hébrard Guillaume, Jorda Laurent, Lammer Helmut, Léger Alain, Llebaria Antoine, Mayor Michel, Mazeh Tsevi, Moutou Claire, Ollivier Marc, Ofir Aviv, Pätzold M., Pepe Francesco, Pont Frédéric, Queloz Didier, Rabus M., Rauer Heike, Regulo Clara, Rouan Daniel, Samuel Benjamin, Schneider Jean, Shporer A., Tingley Brandon, Udry Stéphane, Wuchterl Günther

Planetary transit candidates in the CoRoT-SRc01 field

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2012, vol. 539, pp. 14

Référence DOI : 10.1051/0004-6361/201116934
Référence ADS : 2012A&A...539A..14E

Résumé :

Context. The space mission CoRoT is devoted to the analysis of stellar variability and the photometric detection of extrasolar planets. <BR /> Aims: We present the list of planetary transit candidates detected in the first short run observed by CoRoT that targeted SRc01, towards the Galactic center in the direction of Aquila, which lasted from April to May 2007. <BR /> Methods: Among the acquired data, we analyzed those for 1269 sources in the chromatic bands and 5705 in the monochromatic band. Instrumental noise and the stellar variability were treated with several detrending tools, to which several transit-search algorithms were subsequently applied. <BR /> Results: Fifty-one sources were classified as planetary transit candidates and 26 were followed up with ground-based observations. Until now, no planet has been detected in the CoRoT data from the SRc01 field.

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