International workshop in honor of André Mangeney

September 11-14 2007 - Paris Observatory (at Meudon)


Latest versions (3 September 2007):
.. Short program (PDF)

The workshop will address all the many different subjects that André Mangeney has been working on during his scientific career, specifically in the field of space plasmas and astrophysical fluids.

The workshop is intended for every person presently working/interacting with André, or having been working/interacting with André in the past. However, anyone interested in the topics listed below is equally welcome.


* Collisionless plasmas (solar wind, space plasmas, ...)
* Stellar and solar physics (Asteroseismology, coronal physics, dynamo,...)
* Astrophysical fluids in general (convection, turbulence, ...)


No registration fee is required for the workshop. Accommodation and travel costs must be supported by the participants.
If you wish to make a 20 minutes (not too technical) oral presentation during the workshop send us a title and a short abstract with your registration.


List of participants

Practical informations

The workshop will take place in the "Château" (48.805 N, 2.231 E; building 9 on the map).
Instructions for reaching Meudon can be found here.

A list of hotels conveniently located to access Meudon is available here.

Organizing committee

Olga Alexandrova
Carine Briand
Roland Grappin
Karine Issautier
Catherine Lacombe
Milan Maksimovic
Filippo Pantellini
Philippe Zarka   fax: 33 1 45 07 28 06


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