The APIS database consists of various types of data derived from spectro-imaging auroral observations of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and their moons) acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope in the Far-UV. More detailed informations are given in the next sections. Data can be retrieved and sorted out with the interface Search for data. Regular updates are listed below.


Io and Titan

16 Apr 2014

Addition of five Titan and Io observational campaigns :
- Io, Sept.-Oct. 1997 (STIS, 8 spectra)
- Io, Aug. 1998 (STIS, 2 images, 18 spectra)
- Io, Sept. 1999-Feb. 2000 (STIS, 2 images, 92 spectra)
- Io, Dec. 2001 (STIS, 4 spectra)
- Io (and Ganymede, Europa), Feb. 2007 (ACS, 20 images)
- Titan (and Saturn), Jan.-Feb. 2009 (ACS, 117 images)

APIS usecase

19 Mar 2014

Tutorials describing the normal and interactive use of APIS are now available in the resources section (brief movie in english, detailed tutorial in french).

Public release

17 Jul 2013

APIS was officially opened at the occasion of the Magnetospheres of Outer Planets meeting, Athens, 8-12 July 2013.

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