Occultation by Triton (2017-10-05)

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Important : If you plan to observe, please download and read the protocol in order to prepare the observation. It will help us to standardise the post-treatment. If you succeed in the observation, please fill the report (pdf, docx, odt) and follow the instructions.

Occultation map

Information about the map:

Occultation circumstances

Object Triton
Size (km) 2820 (including atmosphere)
Date (TU) 2017-10-05 23:51:37
Star position 22 54 18.4364 -08 00 08.318
Stellar catalogue release of three preliminary Gaia DR2 stellar positions
Proper motion μRA*=27.51mas/yr, μDE=-1.82mas/yr
Object position 22 54 18.4336 -08 00 08.127
Ephemeris JPL DE435+nep081 + offset (RA* = 7.8mas; DEC = -17.6mas)
C/A 0.195
P/A 347.51
velocity (km/s) -16.793
Geocentric distance Δ (au) 29.082
G mag* 12.2
J mag* 11.2
Note: Offset for Triton's ephemeris was determined by Marcelo Assafin (Observatorio de Valongo) and his colleagues (Observatorio Nacional de Rio de Janeiro) with 8 nights of observations during 15-23 September using a release of 119 and 334 preliminary Gaia DR2 stellar positions.

Sky map (Aladin)

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Interactive Google Maps

The red line represents the centrality of the occultation. The green lines represent the half-light level where the star's flux will be reduced by 50%. The blue lines are the 1% stellar drop (the theorical limit of detection of the occultation).
Each red pin is spaced by one minute and indicates the mi-time of occultation on the central path. The path goes from East to West.
By clicking on one place, you will have an infobox with : Note that the uncertainty of the event is estimated to be about 60km in distance and about 8sec in time.

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The following websites may be useful to prepare the occultation's observation:

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