Occultation by Pluto (2018-08-15)

Important : If you plan to observe, please download and read the protocol in order to prepare the observation. It will help us to standardise the post-treatment. If you succeed in the observation, please fill the report by following the instructions.
News: (2018.07.13) new updated prediction

Occultation map

General map

prediction map

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Zoomed map with elevation lines

iso-elevation prediction map

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Occultation circumstances

Date Wed. 15 Aug. 2018 05:33:09
Star position (ICRF) 19 22 10.4687 -21 58 49.020
C/A 0.180 arcsec
P/A 347.11 °
velocity -19.33 km/s
Geocentric distance Δ 32.7670 au
G mag* 13.0
RP mag* 12.5
Magnitude drop 1.8
Uncertainty in time 4.1 sec
Uncertainty in C/A 2.5 mas
Uncertainty in projected distance 59.9 km
Probability of occultation on centrality 100.0%
Maximum duration 126.2 sec
Moon distance to the object 94.7°
Fraction of illuminated Moon 19.5 %
Solar elongation 146.6°

Sky map (Aladin)

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Field of view
DSS Field of View (15' x 15')

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Interactive Google Maps

The red line represents the centrality of the occultation. The green lines represent the half-light level where the star's flux will be reduced by 50%. The blue lines are the 1% stellar drop (the theorical limit of detection of the occultation).
The path goes from East to West.
By clicking on one place, you will have an infobox with : Note that the uncertainty of the event is estimated to be about 60km in distance and about 5sec in time.


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