Atelier GdR PCHE

Scientific rationale

The GdR PCHE workshop will summarize recent results in the domain of high-energy astrophysics.

Scientific committee

Denis Allard, Matteo Barsuglia, Didier Barret, John Carr, Frédéric Daigne, Guillaume Dubus, Berrie Giebels, Jürgen Knödlseder, Alexandre Marcowith, Jérôme Novak, Patrick Peter, Delphine Porquet, Sylvie Rosier-Lees

If you have questions please contact: pche@cesr.fr


Monday 20 June - Room Berlin
14h00-14h20 Aion Viana: The Galactic Center region viewed by H.E.S.S.
14h20-14h35 Salomé Dibi: Importance of the radiative losses and other key physical parameters in the dynamical evolution of Sgr A*
14h35-14h50 Samia Drappeau: Self-consistent spectra from GRMHD simulations with radiative cooling: A link to reality for Sgr A*
14h50-15h10 Jonathan Biteau: CTA et la variabilité des noyaux actifs de galaxie
15h10-15h30 Martin Gaskell: Off-Axis Energy Generation in Active Galactic Nuclei: Explaining Broad-Line Profiles, Spectropolarimetric Observations, and Velocity-Resolved Reverberation Mapping
15h30-15h50 René Goosmann: Clumps being off the right path? The complicated nature of X-ray winds in Seyfert galaxies
15h50-16h10 Frédéric Marin: Modélisation de la polarisation en UV, optique et X de NAG radio-faibles
16h10-16h30 Coffee break
16h30-17h00 Corinne Donzaud: Revue neutrinos
17h00-17h20 Manuela Vecchi: Optical follow-up of high energy neutrinos detected by the ANTARES telescope
17h20-17h40 Philippe Grandclément: Sources d’ondes gravitationnelles
17h40-18h00 Matteo Barsuglia: Détection des ondes gravitationnelle, résultats et perspectives
18h00-18h20 Eric Chassande-Mottin: Suivi électromagnétique d'événements gravitationnels
18h20-18h40 Boutayeb Bouhou: Coincident searches for neutrinos and gravitational waves with the ANTARES and LIGO/VIRGO detectors
18h40-19h00 Pierre Brun: Prospects for DM searches with CTA
Tuesday 21 June - Room Berlin
14h00-14h30 Didier Barret: The future of X-ray astronomy
14h30-14h50 Philippe Laurent: La polarisation de Cyg X-1
14h50-15h10 Elise Egron: Spectroscopie en rayons X de MXB 1728-34 avec XMM-Newton
15h10-15h30 Marianne Lemoine-Goumard: Le flare du Crabe vu par Fermi
15h30-15h50 Emeric Falize: Magnetic accretion Processes in Laboratory Astrophysics : the POLAR project
15h50-16h10 Eric Gourgoulhon: Relativistic MHD : a general approach for stationary and axisymmetric configurations
16h10-16h30 Coffee break
16h30-17h00 Matthieu Renaud: Les vestiges de supernova dans les domaines de haute et très haute énergie
17h00-17h20 Isabelle Grenier: Détection par Fermi d’un cocon de jeunes rayons cosmiques dans la superbulle de Cygnus X
17h20-17h40 Jean Ballet: Le second catalogue Fermi
17h40-18h00 François Brun: The W49 region as seen by H.E.S.S.
18h00-18h20 Denis Allard: Multimessenger constrains on ultrahigh energy cosmic-ray origin
18h20-18h40 Rebai Ahmed:Some recent results of the CODELEMA experiment
18h40-19h00 Etienne Parizot: JEM-EUSO
Wednesday 22 June - Room Berlin
14h00-14h30 Frédéric Daigne: Les sursauts gamma avec Fermi, Swift et X-Shooter : situation et perspectives
14h30-14h50 Sylvain Guiriec: Multi-component spectral analysis of bright GRBs observed with Fermi
14h50-15h10 Romain Hascoët: Do Fermi-LAT observations really imply very large Lorentz factors in GRB outflows ?
15h10-15h30 Illya Plotnikov: Transport de particules autour d’une onde de choc relativiste
15h30-15h45 Michel Dennefeld: Progeniteurs des SN (atelier IAP 2010) : observations
15h45-16h00 Samuel Boissier: Progeniteurs des SN (atelier IAP 2010) : théorie
16h00-16h20 Bruno Peres: Neutrino transport in gravitationnal supernovae simulations : a simplified treatment via a leakage scheme
16h20-16h40 Coffee break
16h40-17h10 Micaela Oertel: Impact of the observation of a two solar mass star on the equation of state of dense matter
17h10-17h30 Morgane Fortin: Thermal evolution of neutron stars and constraints on their internal properties
17h30-17h50 Luc Di Gallo: Collective excitations in the neutron star crust
17h50-18h10 Lucas Guillemot: Fermi Large Area Telescope observations of gamma-ray pulsars
18h10-18h30 Julien Bolmont: Search for Lorentz Invariance Violation with AGNs: a prospect for CTA
Richard Britto: Status of HImalayan Gamma-Ray Observatory (HIGRO) and observations with HAGAR at Very High Energies
Richard Britto: Data analysis method for the search of point sources of gamma rays with the HAGAR telescope array
Martin Gaskell: Accurate AGN Black Hole Mass Measurements and the Origin of the Correlations Between Black Hole Mass and Bulge Properties