Atmosphere-Ionosphere coupling: atmospheric electricity (TLEs, TGFs, lightning) and the upper atmosphere physics and chemistry

Scientific rationale

The goal of the workshop "Atmosphere-Ionosphere coupling: atmospheric electricity (TLEs, TGFs, lightning) and the upper atmosphere physics and chemistry" is to initiate the discussion between the various scientific communities working on this subject.

Since their discovery beginning of 90's there have been many observations of impressive electric discharges and energetic bursts of gamma-radiation above thunderstorms. The late discovery of these phenomena demonstrates that our understanding of thunderstorms and of processes in the atmosphere above them is limited. They further underscore the point that thunderstorms affect not only the troposphere but all atmospheric layers to the near-Earth space, and that several research fields must combine to advance our knowledge of the effects of thunderstorms on the atmosphere-ionosphere system.

The scientific communities interested are the ones working on:

The goal is to gather within a GdR the various French teams involved. This GdR would be the ideal place to define scientific priorities; to promote the development of theory, modelling, and new experiments; and to coordinate preparatory research activities in the frame of the CNES satellite project TARANIS, and campaigns of ground, aircraft and balloon based measurements.

Scientific committee

Nathalie Huret and Jean-Louis Pinçon

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The number of oral presentations, their timing and the final organisation of oral and posters sessions will be detailed after the call to contributions.

Monday 20th June - Room Copenhague
Session 1: Review, Invited talks (15 mn + 5 mn questions)
At the end of each talk, the speaker will present a review of the scientific opened questions and needs in term of new measurements, new instrumentations, and modeling studies. This slide have to be sent before the 15 June 2011 to N. Huret and J.-L. Pinçon.
14h00-14h20 Introduction (N. Huret, LPC2E/OSUC)
14h20-14h40 The TARANIS project (E. Blanc, CEA)
14h40-15h00 E. Defer (LERMA/OBSPM): Electricity and coupled chemistry in the troposphere
15h00-15h20 Electricity and coupled chemistry in the stratosphere and the mesophere (S. Bekki, LATMOS/IPSL)
15h20-15h40 Electrical discharges modelling in the atmosphere (A. Bourdon, EM2C)
15h40-16h00 Ionosphere and space environment (P.-L. Blelly, IRAP)
16h00-16h30 Pause café
Session 2: Opened discussion
16h30-18h00 Objectives : Structuration of the scientific community to prepare the national GdR.
Each participant is invited to prepare few slides