Circumstellar matter with ALMA and HERSCHEL

Scientific rationale

Fundamental evolution of molecular gas and interstellar dust take place in circumstellar environments, during early (young stellar objects and disks) and evolved (AGB and PNe) phases of stellar evolution, but also witness this most critical and less known stages of stellar evolution.

Protostellar and and pre-main sequence phases are obscured phases which correspond to the collapse and the formation of proto-planetary disks, witnessing the end of the accretion phase and redistribution of angular momentum. Ejections of matter, or molecular outflows, are the main clues of MHD processes governing accretion and equilibrium of internal disks. Circumstellar envelopes of evolved stars reveal the key-process governing their evolution, mass loss, and possibly prevent form direct observations of the central star, especially uring the transition AGB - Planetary Nebula. This transition also corresponds to the development of circumstellar asymmetries, revealing fundamental properties of the central star, such as magnetism, rotation and binarity.

This workshop aims at discussing recent and future progress on (sub-)millimeter observations of circumstellar molecular gas and dust, in order to constrain stellar formation processes and poorly known properties of evolved stars. Thanks to its spatial resolution and versatility, ALMA will lead to decisive breakthroughs on these subjects. Starting with recent Herschel results, this workshop will focus on questions to be dealt in the near future with ALMA, and discuss the Spanish and French strategies, respectively.

Scientific committee

Rafael Bachiller, Jonathan Braine, Emmanuel Dartois, Catherine Dougados, Eric Josselin, Isabelle Ristorcelli

If you have questions please contact: Catherine Dougados, Eric josselin


Wednesday 22th June - Room Lisbonne
14h00-14h30 Bertrand Le Floch : Molecular emission in chemically active protostellar flows
14h30-14h50 Anaelle Maury: Towards understanding the formation of multiple systems and circumstellar disks : a high angular resolution PdBI survey of Class 0 protostars, and a pathfinder to ALMA studies
14h50-15h20 Tomas Alonso: Observational studies of intermediate mass protostars with PdBI, 30m and Herschel
15h20-15h40 Wing Fai Thi: The Herschel view of Protostellar disks
15h40-16h00 Vincent Pietu: Protostellar disks in the millimetric domain
16h00-16h10 H. Meheut: 3D simulations of Rossby vortices with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
16h10-16h30 Coffee Break
16h30-17h00 Javier Alcolea: Evolved stars as seen by Herschel/HIFI
17h00-17h20 Olivier Chesneau: Synergie between VLTI and ALMA
17h20-17h40 Ludovic Biennier: Condensation of PAHs in Circumstellar Envelopes
17h40-18h00 Yannick Libert: Probing circumstellar environments with combined HI and CO observations