Les Grands Relevés Extragalactiques et Cosmologiques

Large Extragalactic and Cosmological Surveys

Scientific rationale

In this workshop, co-organised by the Société Française d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique and the Societad Espanol de Astronomia , we will have presentations on the large extragalactic and cosmologic surveys. The programme is built to get an overview of recent survey results and on projects in which the French and Spanish astronomical and astrophysical communities are involved.

Scientific Committee

... Monique ARNAUD, PNCG, France

... Txitxo BENITEZ, IAA, Spain

... Jonathan BRAINE, LAB, France

... Denis BURGARELLA, LAM, France

... Stéphane CHARLOT, PNCG, France

... Ismael PEREZ-FOURNON, IAC, Spain

... Vicent QUILIS, Univ. Valencia, Spain

... Patricia SANCHEZ-BLAZQUEZ, UAM, Spain

... David VALLS-GABAUD, GEPI, France

If you have questions please contact: Denis Burgarella

The programme can be downloaded (pdf format) from here.


Lundi 20 juin - Room Lisbonne
14h00-14h30 (30'+5') Invited Review: Ismael PEREZ-FOURNON: Review of Herschel HerMES and ATLAS Results
14h35 (20'+3') Marguerite PIERRE: XXL - An overview of the ultimate XMM extragalactic survey 
14h58 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Jean-Paul KNEIB: Galaxies and Cosmology with Big Boss
15h21 (20'+3') Loic GENNOU: The DAFT/FADA Survey status and latest results
15h44 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Patrick COTE: Galaxies and Cosmology with Next Generation Canada France Hawaii Telescope
16h10-16h40 Coffee Break
16h40 (20'+3') Simona MEI: The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey
17h03 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Francisco Javier CASTANDER: Galaxies and Cosmology with the projects Physics of the Accelerating Universe (PAU) and Dark Energy Survey (DES)
17h26 (20'+3') Hervé AUSSEL: CFHTLS: The Distant Universe
17h49 (20'+3') Olga CUCCIATI: Tracing a coherent picture of the Cosmic Star Formation Rate Density in the past ~12 Gyr with the VVDS Deep and Ultra-Deep spectroscopic surveys
18h12 (20'+3') Francois HAMMER: The Formation of Large Galactic Disks: Survival or Revival
Mardi 21 juin - Room Lisbonne
14h00-14h30 (30'+5') Invited Review: Txitxo BENITEZ: Review of ALHAMBRA Results and JPAS
14h35 (20'+3') Laurie RIGUCCINI: Unveiling the dusty star formation history of the Universe at z~2
14h58 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Pere PLANESAS: Galaxies and Cosmology with ALMA
15h21 (20'+3') Israel MATUTE: Selection, characterization and photometric redshift determination for QSOs in the ALHAMBRA survey.
15h44 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Armando GIL DE PAZ: Galaxies at low/intermediate-z with GTC-MEGARA
16h10-16h40 Coffee Break
16h40 (20'+3') Stephane DE BARROS: Properties of LBGs from redshift 3 to 6
17h03 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Pierre ANTILOGUS: Galaxies and Cosmology with LSST
17h26 (20'+3') Boutayeb BOUHOU: Coincident searches for neutrinos and gravitational waves with the ANTARES and LIGO/VIRGO detectors 
17h49 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Jose Alberto RUBINO-MARTIN: Galaxies and Cosmology with the QUIJOTE CMB Experiment
18h12 (20'+3') Christophe BALLAND: Results from the first three years of operation of the Supernova Legacy Survey (SNLS)
Mercredi 22 juin - Amphitheatre Bruxelles
14h00-14h30 (30'+5') Invited Review: Guilaine LAGACHE: Planck: the largest extragalactic and cosmological survey in the sub-millimeter!
14h35 (20'+3') Pierre GRATIER: Star formation in chemically young Local Group galaxies
14h58 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Roser PELLO: Galaxies and Cosmology with EMIR - GTC
15h21 (20'+3') Vincent BOUILLOT: Empreintes de l'énergie noire sur la formation des grandes structures
15h44 (20'+3') Invited Contribution: Denis BURGARELLA: Galaxies and Cosmology with `IMAKA - CFHT
16h10-16h40 Coffee Break
16h40 (20'+3') Anand RAICHOOR: Early-type galaxies: mass-size relation at z~1.3 for different environments
17h03 (20'+3') Matthew HAYES: New diagnotics of Lyman alpha blobs - Implications for massive high-redshift haloes and galaxy formation
17h26 (20'+3') Mickael RIGAULT: Etude des galaxies hôtes des SuperNovae de type Ia dans le projet The Nearby SuperNovae Factory (SNfactory)
17h49 (20'+3') Kalliopi DASYRA: Querying for heavily obscured AGN via high 9.7 micron optical depths: results from the 12-micron, GOODS, and FLS Spitzer spectroscopic samples.
18h12 (20'+3') Aura OBREJA: Bulge formation patterns in AP3M-SPH simulations - questions to be answered by future extragalactic missions


We have received a very large number of proposals for posters. However, due to a very limited space, we ask you to strictly limit the size of your poster in A1 format oriented in landscape (ie height: 59.4 cm and width: 84.1 cm). Posters larger than A1 size can not be hung. The poster session will begin Monday, June 20 at 14h and will end Thursday, June 23 at 17:30 (the hanging of posters will be made ​​only from 14h).

List of Posters

Irene BALMES: A Bayesian Approach to Gravitational Lens Model Selection
Latifa BENJOUALI:The orbital distribution of the satellite galaxies: Cosmological correlations and Origin
Arnaud CANTO: SNFactory spectral data
Flora CELLIER-HOLZEM: Study of physical properties of type Ia supernovae and cosmological applications : comparison between observations and simulations
Jonathan CHARDIN: A reionization scenario from HII regions merging histories
Vassilis CHARMANDARS: The Influence of the Environment in Compact Galaxy Groups
Igor CHILINGARIAN: The universality of galaxy colours and star formation histories
Nicolas CLERC: A new method for the cosmological analysis of X-ray galaxy cluster surveys
Lauriane DELAYE: The Mass-size Relation in High Redshift Clusters
Florence DURRET: A panchromatic study of two pairs of galaxy clusters
Nicolas EPCHTEIN: The Polar Large Telescope, an Infrared Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Chiara FERRARI: Non-thermal physics of galaxy clusters
Didier FRAIX-BURNET: Evolution as a counfounding parameter in scaling relations for galaxies
Maud GALAMETZ: Mapping local properties and submm excess in nearby galaxies with Herschel and LABOCA
Nicolas LAPORTE: Looking for high-redshift galaxies behind the lensing cluster A2667.
Nicolas MARTINET: The baryon fraction in five galaxy groups
Sebastien PEIRANI: On the evolution of the distribution of baryons in a simulated local group univers
Florent ROSTAGNI: Morphological classification of galaxy clusters
Francesca VILLA: Instrumental calibration of wide field imagers.
Patrick VONLANTHEM: Distinctive rings in the 21-cm signal of the epoch of reionization
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