Solar physics at the advent of the European Solar Telescope

Scientific rationale

Solar physics is at the advent of a new age marked by the construction of solar telescopes of the 4-m class. The European Solar Telescope will bring an order of magnitude improvement in photon fluxes and will explore scales of tens of kilometers. Such are the requirements of the new trends in solar physics that, beyond the traditional questions on coronal heating and solar dynamo, starts focusing on the intimacies of plasma and magnetic field joint dynamics (waves, reconnexions, turbulence), the energy transfer and the relation between turbulent local conditions and large scale magnetic features in the sun.
As part of this european project, this joint workshop of the spanish and french communities will examine and discuss their common scientific and technical interests and ideas for this new and exciting time.

Scientific committee

Arturo Lopez Ariste (CNRS/UPS 853/THEMIS) and Manuel Collados (Instituto de Astrophisica de Canarias)

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The timing of the oral presentations includes 10 min. for questions.

Wednesday 22nd June - Room Oslo
14h00-14h30 Silver celebration of French-Spanish collaboration in spectropolarimetry
Jose Carlos del Toro
14h30-15h00 TUNIS: A spectroimager for THEMIS and EST
Arturo Lopez Ariste
15h00-15h30 Multiplexing imaging polarimetry
Andres Asensio Ramos
15h30-16h00 Integral-Field Spectrographs for the European Solar Telescope
Manuel Collados
16h00-16h30 Coffee break
16h30-17h00 AO performances and large FOV spectropolarimetric observations
Guillaume Aulanier
17h00-17h30 Data-driven 3D MHD simulations of the energy storage and release of a solar active region
Etienne Pariat
17h30-18h00 Polarization in Coronal EUV lines
Manso Sainz Rafael
Thursday 23rd June - Room Oslo
14h00-14h40 Multiscale convection & MHD in the quiet photosphere
Francois Rincon
14h40-15h20 The stochastic, intermittent nature of the quiet Sun magnetism
Maria Jesus Martinez Gonzalez
15h20-15h50 Reconstructing the Solar Coronal Magnetic Field from active region scale to large scale
Tahar Amari
15h50-16h20 Observation of supersonic flows in the non-magnetized solar granulation
Luis Bellot Rubio
16h20-16h40 Coffee break
16h40-17h10 The solar internetwork magnetic field: why a larger photon collector?
Véronique Bommier
17h10-17h40 Simulation de la magnétoconvection de surface solaire et limbe solaire
Laurent Piau
17h40-18h10 Modeling scattering polarization of molecular solar lines in spherical geometry
Ivan Milic and Marianne Faurobert
A07 - 1. 2D versus 3D MHD turbulence
Sébastien Galtier
A07 - 2. New generation MSDP with a beam-slicer
Jacques Moity