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Scientific rationale

This session is reserved for contributions outside the topics of the workshops proposed this year by PNPS.

Scientific committee

Corinne Charbonnel & Sylvain Bontemps for the Scientific Council of the PNPS

If you have questions please contact Corinne.Charbonnel@unige.ch



20 minutes including 5 minutes for questions.

Thursday 23 June - 14h-18h - Amphi Bruxelles
14h00-14h20 Long-term magnetic monitoring of Sun-like stars - Audrey Morgenthaler
14h20-14h40 Evidence for dynamo bistability among very low mass stars - Julien Morin
14h40-15h00 Periodic magnetorotational dynamo action as a prototype of nonlinear magnetic field generation in shear flows - François Rincon
15h00-15h20 Propriétés de la convection et du magnétisme dans les étoiles pré-séquence principale de faible masse avec le code ASH 3-D - Nicolas Bessolaz
15h20-15h40 Advances in the global modelling of angular momentum transport in stellar interiors - Stéphane Mathis
15h40-16h00 Caractérisation orbitale de beta Pictoris B et conséquences sur les modèles existants - Hervé Beust
16h00-16h30 Poster viewing and coffee break
16h30-16h50 Low-velocity large-scale shocks tracing the formation of the W43-MM1 and W43-MM2 massive protostars - Quang Nguyen Luong
16h50-17h10 Characterisation of SPH noise in simulations of protoplanetary discs - Serena Arena
17h10-17h30 Planetary migration in weakly magnetized turbulent discs - Clément Baruteau
17h30-17h50 Infrared excess and extended emission around Cepheids from diffraction-limited 10um imaging with VLT/VISIR - Alexandre Gallenne


Although the talk session is scheduled on Thursday afternoon only, the posters of A10 can be put up from Wednesday 8:30am until Thursday 6pm
Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June
Chemical abundances of A and F dwarfs in the young open cluster M6 - T.Kilicoglu, R.Monier, L.Fossati
The fluid equilibrium tide in stars and giant planets - F.Remus, S.Mathis, J.-P.Zahn
The elasto-viscous equilibrium tide in exoplanetary systems - F.Remus, S.Mathis, J.-P.Zahn, V.Lainey
The complex circumstellar environment of Betelgeuse - P.Kervella, G.Perrin, M.Montargès
MiMeS: Magnetism in Massive Stars - C.Neiner
The formation of active protoclusters in the Aquila Rift : a millimeter continuum view - A.Maury
Absorption Profiles of potassium in Brown Dwarf Spectra - N.F.Allard
Theoretical analysis of the He2 line at 585 A - N.F.Allard
The critical layers for internal waves in stellar radiation zones - L.Alvan, S.Mathis
Etudes des chocs d’accrétion radiatifs dans les variables cataclysmiques magnétiques en astrophysique de laboratoire des hautes densités d’énergie - C.Busschaert et al.
Etudes des chocs d’accrétion radiatifs dans les variables cataclysmiques magnétiques en astrophysique de laboratoire des hautes densités d’énergie - C.Busschaert
A Bi-fluid module for MPI-AMRVAC - H.Meheut, Z.Meliani
Quantifying Magnetic Stellar Wind Torques - S.Matt, K.B.MacGregor, M.H.Pinsonneault, T.P.Greene
Rapid inward migration of planets formed by gravitational instability - C.Baruteau, F.Meru, S.-J.Paardekooper
The Open-source Pipeline for ESPaDOnS Reduction and Analysis (OPERA) - E.Martioli, D.Devost, N.Manset, D.Teeple
The Rossby Wave Instability in 2D viscous protoplanetary discs - E.Crespe, J.-F.Gonzalez, S.E.Arena
A Herschel view of massive star formation in G035.39-00.33, a filament in the W48 molecular cloud complex - Q.Nguyen Luong