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Scientific rationale

This session is reserved for contributions outside the topics of the workshops proposed this year by PNST.

Scientific committee

Dominique Fontaine and Sébastien Galtier

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Tuesday 21st June (TBC)
14h00-18h00 POSTERS
A09 - 1. Current density and boundaries localisation in the ring current region
Sandrine Grimald (IRAP)
A09 - 2. Study of non-thermal continuum patches: wave propagation and plasmapause study
Sandrine Grimald (IRAP)
A09 - 3. Electron whistler dispersion law in a plasma with light ions and heavy charged particulates
Catherine Krafft(LPP)
A09 - 4. Determination of the averaged charge-to-mass ratio of the heavy charged constituents of a magnetoplasma using whistler wave measurements
Catherine Krafft (LPP)
A09 - 5. V shaped streaks recorded on board DEMETER above powerful thunderstorms: a statistical study
Farida Mazouz (LATMOS)