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Fu J.-N., Vauclair Gérard, Solheim J.-E., Chevreton Michel, Dolez N., O'Brien M. S., Kim S.-L., Park B.-G., Handler Gerald, Medupe R., Wood M., González Perez J., Hashimoto O., Kinugasa K., Taguchi H., Kambe Eiji, Provençal J. L., Dreizler Stefan, Schuh S., Leibowitz E. M., Lipkin Y., Zhang X.-B., Paparó M., Szeidl B., Viraghalmy G., Zsuffa D.

Asteroseismology of the PG 1159 star PG 0122+200

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2007, vol. 467, pp. 237-248

Référence ADS : 2007A&A...467..237F

Résumé :

Context: The variable pre-white dwarf PG 1159 stars (GW Vir) are g-mode non-radial pulsators. Asteroseismology puts strong constraints on their global parameters and internal structure. PG 0122+200 defines the red edge of the instability strip and its evolutionary timescale is predicted to be dominated by neutrino emission. Its study offers the opportunity to better understand the instability mechanism and to validate the physics of the neutrino production in dense plasma. <BR />Aims: To achieve such a goal requires determining precisely its fundamental parameters. This is the goal of this paper. <BR />Methods: We present new multi-site photometric observations obtained in 2001 and 2002. Together with previous data, they allow us to detect 23 frequencies, composed of 7 triplets and 2 single frequencies, which are used to constrain its internal structure and derive its fundamental parameters. <BR />Results: All the observed frequencies correspond to l=1 g-modes. The period distribution shows a signature of mode trapping from which we constrain the He-rich envelope mass fraction to be -6.0

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