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Fouque Pascal, Arriagada P., Storm Jesper, Barnes T. G., Nardetto Nicolas, Merand Antoine, Kervella Pierre, Gieren Wolfgang P., Bersier David, Benedict G. F., McArthur B. E.

A new calibration of Galactic Cepheid period-luminosity relations from B to K bands, and a comparison to LMC relations

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2007, vol. 476, pp. 73-81

Référence ADS : 2007A&A...476...73F

Résumé :

Context: The universality of the Cepheid period-luminosity (PL) relations has been under discussion since metallicity effects were assumed to play a role in the value of the intercept and, more recently, of the slope of these relations. <BR />Aims: The goal of the present study is to calibrate the Galactic PL relations in various photometric bands (from B to K) and to compare the results to the well-established PL relations in the LMC. <BR />Methods: We use a set of 59 calibrating stars, the distances of which are measured using five different distance indicators: Hubble Space Telescope and revised Hipparcos parallaxes, infrared surface brightness and interferometric Baade-Wesselink parallaxes, and classical Zero-Age-Main-Sequence-fitting parallaxes for Cepheids belonging to open clusters or OB stars associations. A detailed discussion of absorption corrections and projection factor to be used is given. <BR />Results: We find no significant difference in the slopes of the PL relations between LMC and our Galaxy. <BR />Conclusions: We conclude that the Cepheid PL relations have universal slopes in all photometric bands, not depending on the galaxy under study (at least for LMC and Milky Way). The possible zero-point variation with metal content is not discussed in the present work, but an upper limit of 18.50 for the LMC distance modulus can be deduced from our data.

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