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Fox Machado L., Michel Eric, Pérez Hernéndez F., Peña J. H., Li Z.-P., Chevreton Michel, Belmonte J. A., Alvarez M., Parrao L., Dupret Marc-Antoine, Pau Sylvain, Fernandez Andrée, Michel Patrick, Michel R., Pani A.

Multisite Observations of delta Scuti Stars 7 Aql and 8 Aql (a New delta Scuti Variable): The Twelfth STEPHI Campaign in 2003

The Astronomical Journal, 2007, vol. 134, pp. 860-866

Référence DOI : 10.1086/520062
Référence ADS : 2007AJ....134..860F

Résumé :

We present an analysis of the pulsation behavior of the delta Scuti stars 7 Aql (HD 174532) and 8 Aql (HD 174589), a new variable star, observed in the framework of the STEPHI XII campaign during 2003 June and July; 183 hr of high-precision photometry were acquired by using four-channel photometers at three sites on three continents during 21 days. The light curves and amplitude spectra were obtained following a classical scheme of multichannel photometry. Observations in different filters were also obtained and analyzed. Six and three frequencies have been unambiguously detected above a 99% confidence level in the range 190-300 muHz and 100-145 muHz in 7 Aql and 8 Aql, respectively. A comparison of observed and theoretical frequencies shows that 7 Aql and 8 Aql may oscillate with p-modes of low radial orders, typical among delta Scuti stars. In terms of radial oscillations the range of 8 Aql goes from n=1 to 3, while for 7 Aql the range spans from n=4 to 7. Nonradial oscillations have to be present in both stars as well. The expected range of excited modes according to a nonadiabatic analysis goes from n=1 to 6 in both stars.

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