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Postdoc position on gas in planetary systems at the Paris Observatory (H/F)

Type de contrat post-doc
Contexte The postdoc will work together with Quentin Kral and more globally with the HRA (strong links with SPHERE and disk imaging in general) and planetology (comets, planets, atmospheres, ...) teams at the LESIA. The office will be located in the Paris Observatory at the Meudon site.

The position benefits from the French social security system (medical insurance), maternity/paternity leave, family supplement for children, participation to public transport fees, pension contributions. We also note that schools are free in France for all children above 3.

Missions Applications are invited for a postdoctoral researcher position at the Paris Observatory (LESIA) to work on gas in planetary systems with Dr Quentin Kral in France. The application is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) for the project called REVOLT (the revolt of gas in planetary systems). The position will be funded for a minimum of one year and more funding may come as a second step (though it is not guaranteed). Additional funding is available for computer equipment, science travel, publication charges, ...
The project is dedicated to better understand the gas component that is now found ubiquitously around exoplanetary systems (>10 Myr) with planetesimal belts.

Activités In the first year, the candidate will have to apply for observing time on relevant telescopes to observe gas in debris disks. They will also work on more theoretical perspectives and tackle new original projects related to the origin of the gas release in planetesimal belts as well as provide observational tests that could be carried out.
The postdoc position is very complete as it is a mixture of theory/modelling/observations.

Compétences We are looking for a candidate with a PhD in (astro)physics and, ideally, some experience working on gas and/or debris disks. A background in numerical modelling would be preferable but not mandatory. Full working proficiency in either French or English is required.
Nom du contact Quentin Kral
Email Quentin.Kral@obspm.fr
Téléphone 01 45 07 76 01
Durée 12 mois
Date d'embauche 01/02/2021
Modalités Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr Quentin Kral (quentin.kral@obspm.fr) for further information.

Applications should be submitted by 11 January 2021 to quentin.kral@obspm.fr, including:
- a motivation letter
- a curriculum vitae
- a publication list
- a statement of research interests (no more than 2 pages but shorter is better)
- two letters of reference
Review of applications will begin in early January.

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