Ecole d'astronomie du CNRS et du PNPS: Les champs magnétiques stellaires

Ecole : Les champs magnétiques stellaires

du 24 au 28 septembre 2007
au VVF de La Rochelle


Proceedings of the school will be published in EAS Publications Series

Please send your contribution to Jean-Paul Zahn and Coralie Neiner.
Strict deadline: March 1rst, 2008

The template, and class file needed to prepare your proceedings contribution and the corresponding user's guide can be downloaded here.

Number of pages:
~12 pages per 1h talk
~20 pages per 1h30 lecture
Example : if you gave 2 lectures of 1h30 each, you can write ~40 pages.

Please call your file author.tex (e.g. neiner.tex) and your figures with a name of the form author_fig1.eps (e.g. neiner_fig1.eps). Then send the files to Jean-Paul Zahn and Coralie Neiner.