Team Leader






Electron Acceleration and Propagation

Gordon Holman

group 2

Ion Acceleration and Interaction

Gerry Share/Jim Miller


group 3

Correlative Studies between Hard X-Ray and Radio

Stephen White


group 4

Multiwavelength Correlative Studies

Lyndsay Fletcher


group 5

Theoretical Implications

Loukas Vlahos


Topics to be covered by the various teams include, but are not limited to:


Electron acceleration and propagation location and spectrum of accelerated electrons, physics of electron transport, interpretation of RHESSI spectroscopy, imaging spectroscopy and polarization data.

Ion acceleration and interaction location, energy and angular spectra of accelerated ions, interaction with solar atmosphere, abundance determination and related physics.

Correlative hard X-ray and Radio Studies synthesis and intercomparison of hard X-ray and radio data (e.g., spectra, images, temporal profiles) in order to identify issues pertinent to electron acceleration and transport.

Multi-Wavelength Correlative Studies Synthesis and intercomparison of data from various-ground- and space-based observatories

Theoretical Implications - Development of theoretical models for energy release and transport, guided by results from the other groups