MERCURY TRANSIT IN FRONT OF THE SUN: 07 may 2003, Bayeux, France

All pictures are taken with a 25.6cm F/D 4.95 Newtonian + 10cm aperture neutral density 3.9 glass filter + eyepiece (30, 20, 15 or 7.5mm) + 50mm F/1.4 objective + Fuji Sensia 400 ISO. 1/1000 to 1/250 sec. exposure Image rotation = paralactic angle minus elevation

Full disk images sequence at F=2112mm (T256x42)

06:17:42s UT 07:08:42s UT 08:09:53s UT 09:21:34s UT 10:15:39s UT

Partial disk images at F=3168mm (T256x63 - half size)

(icone image full size at 10:05:24)
08:59:10s UT 10:05:24s UT

Partial disk images at F=4223mm (T256x84 - half size)

(icone image full size at 08:04:32)
06:43:32s UT 08:04:32s UT 10:00:32s UT

High magnification at F=8447mm (T256x169 - half size)

(icone image full size at 10:24:08)
06:13:39s UT 06:39:02s UT 10:24:08s UT 10:31:46s UT

    Visual observations:
    2nd contact between 5:15:47 and 5:16:02 UT +-3sec
    3rd contact at 10:28:28 UT +-2sec (T256x169)

And after...500km to the south: A successful "8e Ecole d'Astrophysique d'Oleron" for amateur astronomers, organized by the CNRS. The conference room on Sunday morning at the time of conclusion of the week.
N. Biver 15/05/2003