Stellar and Interstellar physics for the modelling of the Galaxy and its components

Scientific rationale

Scientific committee

Catherine Turon (chair), Frédéric Arenou, Misha Haywood, David Katz, Rosine Lallement, Xavier Luri, Alejandra Recio-Blanco, Céline Reylé, Jordi Torra.

If you have questions please contact: C. Turon, F. Arenou et M. Haywood


Monday 20th June - Amphitheatre Bruxelles
14h00-14h25 F. Mignard: The Gaia mission: status and expected performance
14h25-14h50 R. Ibata: Constraining the merger history of the Milky Way and its neighbours
14h50-15h15 F. Figueras: Kinematic imprints from the bar and spiral structures in the galactic disk
15h15-16h00 Contributions
16h00-16h30 Coffee break
16h30-16h55 P. Di Matteo: Numerical chemo-dynamical modelling of the Galaxy
16h55-17h20 X. Luri: Luminosity calibrations and distances in the Galaxy and Local Group
17h20-17h45 E. Moraux: Stellar census and early dynamical evolution of open clusters
17h45-18h00 Contribution
Tuesday 21th June - Amphitheatre Bruxelles
14h00-14h25 C. Turon & F. Arenou: Four years of actions in AS Gaia
14h25-14h50 C. Allende-Prieto: Determination of stellar parameters and their uncertainties
14h50-15h15 E. Caffau: Perspective in detailed element abundance determination
15h15-16h00 Contributions
16h00-16h30 Coffe break
16h30-16h55 A. Spielfieldel and N. Feautrier: Collision rates and the determination of atmospheric parameters
16h55-17h20 D. Valls-Gabaud: Stellar ages in the context of Gaia
17h20-17h45 D. Marshall: Towards a 3D view of the Galactic interstellar medium with Planck, Herschel and Gaia
17h45-18h00 Contribution