5 juin - 8 juin 2012


Les amas dans la toile cosmique / Clusters in the cosmic web

Scientific rationale

Galaxy clusters are at the intersection of cosmic filaments and numerical simulations show that they can be considered as still forming, in the sense that they are interacting with their environment. This is confirmed by the fact that in some cases filaments have been detected between clusters. The aim of this workshop is to update our knowledge on how infall of matter from the cosmic web and group-cluster or cluster-cluster merging affect the properties of the galaxies, X-ray gas and dark matter contained in clusters.

Scientific committee

F. Durret (chair), C. Adami, S. Boissier, M. Limousin, S. Maurogordato, C. Pichon, E. Pointecouteau, L. Sodre.


Thursday June 7
14h00-14h10 Florence Durret: Welcome address
14h10-14h40 Laerte Sodre: Optical surveys (I)
14h40-15h00 Florent Rostagni: Optical morphology of galaxy clusters in SDSS DR7
15h00-15h30 Alessandro Boselli: Multifrequency surveys of the Virgo cluster: GUViCS, NGVS, SMAKCED, HeViCS and ALFALFA
15h30-15h50 Lauriane DELAYE: Size evolution in high redshift clusters
15h50-16h10 Pierre-Alain DUC: Extended stellar structures in the Virgo cluster of galaxies
16h10-16h40 Pause café
16h40-17h10 Remi Cabanac: Avancees recentes dans le domaine des lentilles fortes (I)
17h10-17h30 Eric Jullo: Cosmology with Strong Lensing
17h30-18h00 Yohan Dubois: role des AGN (I)
Friday June 8
14h00-14h30 Marguerite Pierre: Le point sur les amas en X et le survey XXL (I)
14h30-14h50 Loic Guennou: X-ray aspects of the DAFT/FADAS clusters
14h50-15h10 Celine Combet: Gamma-rays from annihilating/decaying dark matter in galaxy clusters
15h10-15h30 Chiara Ferrari: First results on galaxy clusters with LOFAR
15h30-16h00 Juan Macias Perez : Planck (I)
16h00-16h30 Pause café
16h30-17h00 DISCUSSION: clusters in cosmology (Marguerite Pierre)