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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2006

Résultats 11 - 19 sur un total de 19

Conférence invitée

Klein Karl-Ludwig. Solar Orbiter science and its requirements, observational strategies: energetic particles. In 2nd Solar Orbiter Workshop, 16-20 Octobre 2006, . 2006.

Klein Karl-Ludwig. Radio signatures of coronal acceleration and propagation during impulsive SEP events. In , 3 novembre 2006, Univ. de Californie, Berkeley. 2006.

Lellouch Emmanuel. The study of planetary atmospheres with ALMA. In Science with ALMA: a new era for Astrophysics, 13-17 Nov. 2006, Madrid, Espagne. 2006.

Meyer Nicole. How does the solar wind blow: some basic aspects ?. In UAI Symp. 233, April 2006, Cairo, Egypt. 2006.

Meyer Nicole. The heliosphere as a multi-scale engine: a plea for basic physics. In IHY 1st European General Assembly, 10-13/1/2006, Paris, France. 2006.

Vilmer Nicole. Solar Radio Emissions. In , Septembre 2006, L'Aquila, Italie. 2006.

Zarka Philippe. La magnétosphère de Saturne étudiée par Cassini : résultats à mi-parcours. In , 11-13 September 2006, Nancy, France. 2006.

Zarka Philippe. Planetary Magnetospheric Structure. In , Mai 2006, Blois, France. 2006.

Zarka Philippe, Tagger M. Exoplanet search at Low Radio Frequencies. In Workshop:, 23-24 November 2006, Bremen, Germany. 2006.