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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2011

Résultats 31 - 40 sur un total de 148

Communication avec actes

Cecconi Baptiste, Aboudarham Jean, Andrée Nicolas, Berthier Jerôme, Bourrel N., Capria Maria Teresa, Cristina De Sanctis Maria, Erard Stéphane, Gangloff Michel, Jacquey Christian, Khodachenko Maxim L., Le Sidaner Pierre, Leyrat Cédric, Manaud Nicolas, Schmidt W., Schmitt Bernard, Topf Florian, Trauthan Frank, Sarkissian Alain, Vinatier Sandrine. Europlanet-IDIS Data model: a Data Model for a Planetology Virtual Observatory. In November 2015, Toulouse. PV-2011, 2011.

Chambe Gilbert, Mercier Claude. Radio imaging of the Quiet Sun between 150 and 450 MHz with the Nançay radioheliograph (NRH). In Fourth French-Chinese meeting on Solar Physics, 2011 nov 15-18, Nice. 2011.

Chandra Ramesh, Schmieder Brigitte, Mandrini Cristina H., Démoulin Pascal, Pariat Etienne, Török Tibor, Aulanier Guillaume, Uddin Wahab, Linton M. G. Study of solar flares and filament interaction in NOAA 10501 on 20 November, 2003. First Asia-Pacific Solar Physics Meeting ASI Conference Series, 2011, vol. 2, pp. 323-329.
Référence ADS : 2011ASInC...2..323C

Clénet Yann, Bernardi Pernelle, Chapron Frédéric, Gendron Éric, Rousset Gérard, Hubert Zoltan, Davies Richard, Thiel M., Tromp N. The SCAO module of the E-ELT adaptive optics imaging camera MICADO. OA4ELT2, 2011, pp. 23P.
Référence ADS : 2011aoel.confP..23C

Colas François, Frappa Eric, Lecacheux Jean, Berthier Jerôme, Vachier Frédéric, Maquet Lucie. Euraster an European Network for Asteroid Stellar Occultations. In EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, October 1, 2011. 2011, pp. 1538.
Référence ADS : 2011epsc.conf.1538C
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Colom Pierre, Crovisier Jacques, Biver Nicolas, Bockelée-Morvan Dominique. Observations of the 18-cm lines of OH in comets with the Nançay radio telescope. In EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, held 2-7 October 2011 in Nantes, France. 2011, pp. 837.
Référence ADS : 2011epsc.conf..837C

Coudé du Foresto Vincent. A roadmap towards habitable exoplanets by the Blue Dots Initiative. In The Astrophysics of Planetary Systems: Formation, Structure, and Dynamical Evolution, November 1, 2011. 2011, vol. 276, pp. 311-315.
Référence DOI : 10.1017/S1743921311020370
Référence ADS : 2011IAUS..276..311D
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Courtin Régis. Astronomy outreach in hospitals and retirement homes. In The Role of Astronomy in Society and Culture, 19-23 Janvier 2009, Paris, France. 2011, vol. 260, pp. 481-482.
Référence DOI : 10.1017/S1743921311002705
Référence ADS : 2011IAUS..260..481C
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Crovisier Jacques. Astronomy and astronomers in Jules Verne's novels. In The Role of Astronomy in Society and Culture - IAU Symp. 260, June 1, 2011. 2011, vol. 260, pp. 321-326.
Référence DOI : 10.1017/S174392131100247X
Référence ADS : 2011IAUS..260..321C
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Crovisier Jacques, Bockelée-Morvan Dominique, Biver Nicolas, Hartogh Paul, Hutsemekers Damien, Jehin Emmanuel, Küppers Michael, Lis Darek C., Manfroid Jean, Rengel Miriam, Swinyard Bruce, Szutowicz Slawomira, De Val-Borro Miguel, Vandenbussche Bart. Observations of the rotational lines of OH in comets with the Herschel Space Observatory. In EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, held 2-7 October 2011 in Nantes, France. 2011, pp. 436.
Référence ADS : 2011epsc.conf..436C