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Alexandrova Olga, Lacombe Catherine, Mangeney André, Grappin Roland, Maksimovic Milan

Solar Wind Turbulent Spectrum at Plasma Kinetic Scales

The Astrophysical Journal, 2012, vol. 760, pp. 121

Référence DOI : 10.1088/0004-637X/760/2/121
Référence ADS : 2012ApJ...760..121A

Résumé :

The description of the turbulent spectrum of magnetic fluctuations in the solar wind in the kinetic range of scales is not yet completely established. Here, we perform a statistical study of 100 spectra measured by the STAFF instrument on the Cluster mission, which allows us to resolve turbulent fluctuations from ion scales down to a fraction of electron scales, i.e., from ~10<SUP>2</SUP> km to ~300 m. We show that for k <SUB></SUB>rho<SUB> e </SUB> in [0.03, 3] (which corresponds approximately to the frequency in the spacecraft frame f in [3, 300] Hz), all the observed spectra can be described by a general law E(k <SUB></SUB>)vpropk <SUP>-8/3</SUP> <SUB></SUB>exp (- k <SUB></SUB>rho<SUB> e </SUB>), where k <SUB></SUB> is the wavevector component normal to the background magnetic field and rho<SUB> e </SUB> the electron Larmor radius. This exponential tail found in the solar wind seems compatible with the Landau damping of magnetic fluctuations onto electrons.

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